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Because insatiable demand for technology skills is a market constant, you need CN-TEC, a true and trusted IT staffing firm. We fill the role of preferred IT staffing partner for businesses nationwide, providing proven IT staffing services that deliver technology talent, sought-after IT skills and top performance to technology and business teams:

Redefining Discovery for IT Staffing

To ensure quality IT staffing placements, CN-TEC has developed unprecedented client need and candidate capability discovery processes.

Step One: Business Needs
The first step of our multiphase discovery approach emphasizes spending substantial time up front with the client to fully understand their industry, business needs and IT environment. Because we know that great placements start with comprehensive understanding, CN-TEC will not fill a position unless we truly know your business and its culture.

Step Two: Talent Needs
After that critical baseline of understanding is established, CN-TEC then focuses on understanding specific IT staffing needs and goals. We carefully learn the role, the skill requirements and the experience expectations.

Step Three: Candidate Discovery
We believe that the candidate discovery process should be equally methodical. As recruiters, we are big fans of technology professionals. We enjoy getting to know candidates, their skills and their ambitions. By knowing our IT candidates well, we are much better at placing them where they will succeed.